Friday, July 6, 2012

Wittenberg, Germany

Just typing 'Wittenberg' makes my heart swell with joy for all the reformation history that is wrapped up in that town.  While in Rome, my already significant love for ancient church history and interest in the church fathers grew exponentially.  For me, studying what the patristics had to say about theology and reading of their affection for Christ is like discovering treasure;  treasure that I didn't know was there, and now that I do I don't think I'll ever get enough.  
Then, while in Switzerland, my European Reformations class started.  More treasure.  A missing puzzle piece.  The beauty that is God, by His Holy Spirit, breaking into the hearts of men, bringing them back to the Word--bringing them back to the WORD.  I find it impossible to study what men like Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and many Anabaptists said and did for the church without thanking God for His grace and kindness to remind His people of the Light that He had sent almost 1500 years earlier.  

During our week in Wittenberg we had class, toured Luther's house and the churches he taught in, and wandered around the quaint street lined with coffee shops and cute stores.  Wittenberg is small, but what happened there in the sixteenth century was monumental.  Studying Luther and other reformers from this sweet German town was nothing short of a delight.  The following are some of my favorite memories from our week in Wittenberg.  

Those two towers belong to the church [Saint Mary's] where Luther taught for about 30 years.

Painting at the front of Saint Mary's.  Three sacraments across the top:  baptism, Lord's Supper, and confession.  Below is a perfect depiction of Luther's theology:  the theology of the cross.  Always pointing his congregation to Christ on the Cross.  So simple.  So beautiful.  

Luther's house which was previously an Augustinian monastery.  When Luther married Katherine von Bora, Frederick the Wise gave him this monastery as a wedding gift.

LUTHER living in an Augustinian monastery.  Almost too good to be true.    

Although I love Luther and Wittenberg, I love Lauren more.  We had a coffee date to catch up.  It was so encouraging to have time to talk to her.  

Walking around Wittenberg.

I've never had a favorite flower--until the moment I saw these.  Forever favorite.  

 Gelato with girlfriends!

From worshipping in the church where Luther posted the 95 theses, to reading scripture in the church he taught in for many years;  from gelato with friends, to coffee with Lauren;  from European Reformations class, to shopping--my week in Wittenberg was fantastic.  

Our last full day in Wittenberg we took a day trip to Berlin.  The following day we got up and took a bus to Regensburg, another city in Germany where we would spend a week before dispersing throughout Europe for our "free week".  Since I have tons of pictures from Berlin and not so many from Regensburg, I will put Berlin with my next post.  

Until then, keep enjoying your summer wherever you are! :) 

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