Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Journey Continues in Germany!

The journey continues.  A journey that began in Chicago, bound for Italy.  A journey that onward from Italy brought me to Switzerland and then to Germany.  A journey that somehow only gets increasingly beautiful as time passes.  Like any journey there have been sweet times and difficult times; restful times and demanding times;  thrilling times and peaceful times.  I've cried for joy over things like coffee and I've sobbed on my bed over the horrors of Dachau's concentration camp.  

After all the tears, the sweetness and the difficulty, the rest and the stress, the moments of deep peace and the excitement, this one thing remains--beauty.  Beauty that I see in those I am journeying with.  Beauty in what Jesus is saying to me through His Word.  Beauty unique to each country I explore.  Beauty in the people of the world.  Beauty in seeing how Jesus meets us in the difficult things and in how He redeems them--how He speaks into them.   

The journey continues.  And the journey is beautiful.  

I did a post on my time in Switzerland several days ago.  Since then I have moved on to Germany!  But don't worry, I won't make you just imagine what that journey from Switzerland to Germany looked like.  I have consistent internet again so I can continue to share some of my adventures via this blog.  The following pictures follow our journey from Switzerland to our first stop in Germany.

We stopped in Zurich for some reformation history on our way out of Switzerland.  Jin, Lauren, and I ate by the river.  

Here are Lauren and my attempts to eat an apple "adorably".  Our verdict is that might be impossible.

Love this friend and love that we got to eat across the river from the church Zwingli taught in (pictured in the background.)  

Though a totally fun day, it was exhausting.

After a beautiful day in Zurich, we loaded back on the bus for homework and sleeping all the way to Stuttgart, Germany.  We found Starbucks and were nothing short of delighted to enjoy our frappés.

It was Becky's birthday so we celebrated her as we paraded through the streets of Stuttgart.  And let me tell you something, Becky is worth celebrating.

Short shorts spotting.  So entertaining.

And here is our very favorite Chinese friend, also very much worth celebrating, posing under the sign for Chinese food.  We love Jin.

We stayed one night in Stuttgart and the next morning piled in the bus again to go to Wittenberg where we spent one week.  But I've got way too much to say about Wittenberg, so I'll save that for another blog post.

As your journey continues today, look for the beauty.  I promise it's there.

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