Sunday, July 8, 2012

Berlin and Regensberg

After a beautiful week in Wittenberg, we drove to Berlin for the day before heading to Regensberg for a week.  Our time in Berlin was packed with World War II history.  We even had the honor of visiting the Holocaust Memorial which lies in the heart of Berlin.

The next morning we drove to Regensberg where we stayed for one week, finishing up our second round of classes.  For me, that meant saying goodbye to studying European Reformations...for now.  I didn't take many pictures during my first week in Regensberg but after a free week in Europe, we will all return to the same hostel for the entirety of our last three weeks in Europe.  This will give us a chance to settle down, get to really know Regensberg, and focus on our final class, which for me will be Systematic Theology.   

I'll let the following pictures tell the stories of our adventures in Berlin and Regensberg:

Coffee (of course) from McDonalds to begin our day in Berlin.  

The Holocaust Memorial.

Dr. McDuffee teaching at the Brandernberg Gate.

Feeding the birds from our hands.

At Pergamum Museum in Berlin.  Reconstruction of the ancient Babylonian gates and processional way.  Restated, these are the very bricks (put together and repainted) that make up the gates of Babylon that Daniel, when brought there during the exile, would have walked through.  These gates, though magnificently large and incredibly beautiful represent a culture that delighted in evil.  May we be like Daniel, and live undefiled in our Babylons.

Resting after a long day touring Berlin.

These photos are taken in front of paintings on the part of the Berlin wall that was left standing.

The following pictures were taken in Regensberg:

This is the river by where we are staying.  At night couples sit by the edge of the water eating pizza, drinking beer, and talking.  So very ideal.  

Day trip to Nuremburg. 

Hitler drove through this town square.  That's all I know about that.  For more info, Google it.  

Enjoy the above photograph of Lauren.  You'll probably never see her pose like that again.  She was frozen from a game.  

Such sweet sisters, Melissa and Katie. 

The ever-amazing Ashley.  Love her so much.  

Hannah-my workout buddy AND ice-cream buddy.  More importantly, a beautiful friend.

German brats with Olivia.  So very delicious!

Feeling so thankful for my mom (and missing her so much) on her birthday!  

Megan and I after church.  

Picture with Emily Quiggle because (1) she is amazing and (2) this graffiti is amazing.  

On the last day of our European Reformations class Dr. Quiggle brought us to the mall and bought us all his favorite pastry--which he calls a "gizmo".  It was as delicious as he said it would be.  

I hope the last three weeks in Regensberg are as fun as the first one was.  But before those last three weeks we are all dispersing over the continent of Europe for our free week!

So many adventures await us all--and documentation of some of mine can be found here on my blog soon! :)

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