Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two Adventures End--Two More Begin

At 8:00 am on Thursday, May 10, I had my very last final of my Freshman(ish) year of college at Moody Bible Institute!  As soon as I finished my exam I headed back up to my room for a birthday morning nap--which was to no avail.  Birthdays are too exciting for naps.  

Lauren, sweet friend and roommate that she is, took me to coffee at my favorite coffee shop in the world, which luckily for me, happens to be a walk just a short walk across the "plaza". Kari just happened to be at Joe's too-I was thrilled that she joined us!  

Denis met us at Joe's because he had something for me: a ROMANIAN mug.  I was so delighted when I opened it that I cried.  I was thankful that Lauren was there to explain to Denis that I was crying "happy tears".  I cannot wait to get back to school in August, unpack my mug, and USE it!  

At lunch time Lauren blind folded me and brought me to the park.  I had for weeks been sharing my dream of eating chicken nuggets in the park with friends and Lauren (and my other friends) made my dream a birthday reality!  When Lauren took off my blindfold, there was, right before my eyes, a blanket covered with friends and 60 chicken nuggets.  Literally, a  dream come true.  

After chicken in the park, we all enjoyed a nap in the park.  (Allie captured our nap with the picture below.)

I had known for a while that Mom and Dad would be coming on my birthday to celebrate and then, to help me move out of college the next day.  Well, at around 3:00 I got a call from Melissa asking if I'd help her get something off the elevator.  I agreed and when I rounded the corner, she had her camera out to record my reaction to what was happening.  Mom and Dad were there...then Ben and Andrew walked around the corner!  I had absolutely NO idea that they were coming.  When we said goodbye after Spring Break I thought I wouldn't get to see them again until August.  What a sweet birthday surprise!  I'm so thankful their teachers let them out of school, and I only wish Lindsey's work schedule would have allowed her to come too.  

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking to the beach and enjoying dinner and dessert together.  

Oh man! I love them so!

At 7:00 my family headed out to the suburbs to sleep at my mom's sister's house and I headed back to my dorm to go out for ice-cream with my friends.  After getting our ice-cream we headed to the beach for a couple quick pictures together.  These really are a few of my favorite things.  

It was Mirela and Kari's first time trying waffle cones!  I was so happy to share that experience with them :)

The rest of my birthday evening was spent frantically cleaning and packing to be ready for 10:00 room checks.  The next day, Mom and Dad and the boys came back and successfully moved me out of what had been my home for over 9 months.  Lauren and I have got some great memories in that room.  And we are looking forward to another great semester in room 1022 when we return in August.  

On May 10th I celebrated the completion of my 19th year of life.  I also celebrated the completion of my first full year of college away from home.  I'm so thankful for the joy that has characterized both of these adventures.  And although the ending of and good adventure can be difficult, I am not dismayed, because two beautiful new adventures await me:  my 20th year of life and a semester studying abroad in Europe.  I am thrilled to find out what things to be enjoyed and what challenges to be overcome await me in these adventures! 

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