Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick Spring Update

I'm posting this quick update because I don't have time to complete two other posts that I really want to write.  Even though I can't finish these longer posts right now, I'm trying to get in the habit of at least posting something semi-regularly because I want to record my European adventures consistently.  

Amidst my crazy "end of the school year schedule" are scatted many sweet moments with dear friends.  Until I have the time to pen some of my thoughts for the aforementioned two posts, here are a couple of those sweet moments:

Reading on the beach with Carly and Allie.

Night cheese with Hanna, Melissa, and Lauren.  So thankful for the wisdom and FUN that those two seniors have brought to our room and our lives this semester.

Literally piled on Lauren's bed during our Bro/Sis retreat at her house.  The best friends are the ones you can be the weirdest with.  You could consider us best friends...

Second baseball game of my life.  The first was the Smokies in Pigeon Forge.  This was the Cubs at Wrigley Field.  I'm completely and utterly sold--I love baseball. 

Thanks to Melissa, I knew what was going on the whole time.  What I didn't learn from softball in P.E. class, she filled me in on.  She knows so much about so much.  Thats the only way to describe her huge spectrum of fascinating, random, and useful facts.  For example not only do I know about the rules of baseball, I know about the flags they display depending on whether they win or lose, and I know the curse that has been on Wrigley Field since 1908.  She is so cool.

Gabby, Sandra, and I.  Love those beautiful women!

In the bathroom at Wrigley Field because the lighting was best there.  Don't judge. 

Sunday Sibling Skype date.  I cried when we hung up because they were all going out to ice cream together.  I'm thankful to have brothers and a sister that I miss so much.  [ps. Andrew called me about 2 hours later to make sure I was ok since he had seen me cry.  I almost cried again for pride in his character.  He is such a good brother!]

I spent all afternoon on Sunday with Kari studying at Starbucks.

After about an hour of intermittently interrupting Kari from her work, I decided to just keep a written list of all the things I needed to talk to her about later.  Come to think of it, I still need to tell her those things.  I have a class with her on Thursday's.  I'll tell her then!

This is the fort that Sandra and Carly and I made to read in on Monday.  It was perfect. 

Sandra and I walked (and by walked I mean borderline jogged) a total of 80 minutes to the very end of Navy Pier and back to school.

Carly and I inadvertently went to pick up our year books in these absurdly matching outfits.  Yes, wearing the same clothes to the first day of camp and making matching shirts was so cute when we were 10 but now, it's weird.  We hadn't even noticed until someone asked if we were matching on purpose.  So unacceptable. :) 

Well, that's all for now.  Soon instead of pictures of a walk to a little lighthouse at Navy Pier  and Starbucks on Chicago Avenue, I'll be posting pictures of a walk to the Eiffel tower and coffee at a little Swiss coffee shop.  Thanks for reading!   

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  1. Love this Ches! You made me laugh out loud when you talked about matching clothes...ha! So funny.