Monday, April 23, 2012

Lauren; The Best Roommate Ever

I should go to bed.  It's 11:27PM here today has been nuts.  I turned in a major paper, PCM form, and a change of major form that was literally 4 months in the making.  I had an incredibly sweet morning coffee date with one of the most elegant women in Christ that I know.  I took two quizzes in my room and made a big (to me) decision for next year.  I made it to lunch and dinner, AND had a fourth "meal" with Lauren and Carly.  I emailed back and forth with some dear women in my life, and got to hang out with others face to face.  It's now 11:36 PM and, nearly 10 minutes after I stated this post, I am about to get to my point:

One of my favorite friends in the whole world is sleeping soundly up on the top bunk behind me.  

As I was getting ready to start my last quiz at my desk, Lauren climbed up into her bed.  We talked for a couple of minutes until I realized my quiz had to be done by midnight and I should let her sleep.  Usually we get in our beds at about the same time and end up talking for about 30 minutes.  This change of routine with Lauren fast asleep behind me while I'm still awake has me thinking about how thankful I am for her.  So yes, I'll be a little extra tired in the morning, but she is so worth it.  I want to record some of the reasons she is my favorite college roommate ever, and more than that, why she is one of my favorite friends ever.
Here are some pictures which depict (and help me remember) some of the reasons that I love Lauren and some of my favorite memories with her thus far.

 This is one of our very first pictures together.  I am pretty sure this is day #2 at college so our mutual friend Carly was still chosen for the middle of the picture :)

I knew right away that I was going to love my new roommate.  After talking all night about how I had to do laundry the next day, I came back from class with a reminder from Lauren to do just that.  Accountability.  I love it!

Most girls can probably relate over Target, and Lauren and I did just that.  We probably went to Target more in the first month of school than we have ever since.  

One day we went to Target with a bunch of friends.  When we got tired of waiting for them to finish shopping, we bought two Cokes, found a spot on the floor, and opened up our Whales and Twix.  Every girl needs a friend who will do that with her.  

I love that Lauren gets excited about little things with me...

I love that she gets cupcakes with me...even when it is raining...

I love that she rocks the "top-of-the-head-messy-bun" with me and agrees to take pictures of it...

I love how quickly we became friends!

I love Lauren's sense of style.  She always looks cute.  Even when she just throws on a sweatshirt.

I love her sense of humor.  Sometimes I laugh so hard at the funny things she says and does that I feel like I could throw up.  (Proof that she's cute even in a sweatshirt:)

I love that Lauren helps me.  Not just with banana bread, but with so much more.  She helps me with school work, she helps me emotionally, she helps me spiritually.  

I love that Lauren does spontaneous and ridiculous things with sleeping in Melissa's room when she is out of town too long and we miss her.  

Even though we live together I still rejoice in doing things out in the city with her.  Lauren is fun to be around.

I love that Lauren puts up with my endless picture taking. (One day everyone will be glad that I documented our college days :)

I love that we got to know Melissa Zaldivar together.

I love sharing friends with Lauren.

I am forever thankful that I got to go on a road trip was with Lauren and Melissa.

I love Lauren's wisdom and her advice.  She is able to think so clearly through situations and help me bring things back to reality when I blow them way out of proportion.

Simple things like creme soda and pretzels in the Fall are extra sweet when I get to enjoy them with Lauren.

I love Lauren's generosity.  Every time she gets a gift card (and even when she doesn't) she buys me Starbucks.

No words.  Just overflowing with joy for a friend that can handle all of this.  

Lauren is thoughtful.  

She (almost) always answers when I Skype her from within the same room.

I so appreciate her honesty with me.  I need it so much!

I appreciate her willingness to take over the iPhone picture-taking when I am too busy driving.

The more pictures I go through, the more thankful I am for so many sweet memories and for the grace of Jesus to bless me with such a beautiful friend...

I love that when I tell her the lighting coming in our window is just right for a beautiful picture, she will stop what she is doing to come take a picture with me.

I love that we both love Carly :)

I love that when we are having good hair days (and we know it) we take a picture together.

I love that we worked together to build our couch.  No boys needed!  Unless you count skyping my dad in as helping.

I wish we would have kept count of how many coffees we have had together.

I love Lauren's determination.  When she says she is going to do something she does it.  And she always does it quickly and she does it well.

I love Lauren' blocking my way out of the elevator with the help of Carly.

Lauren is generous with me.  On a deeper level than sharing Ben & Jerry's ice-cream.  Then again that is pretty deep generosity right there...

More generosity.  Two times now Lauren has brought me coffee when she gets home her Wednesday nannying job.  (ps- Wednesday is the worst day of the week for me.  She is gone from 8 til 5 and I miss her the whole time.  I literally get sad every time I walk into our empty room on Wednesday.)

I love that Lauren will wear sweatpants and slippers with me to 10:00pm Europe meetings.  (another ps- I am thrilled beyond words to travel Europe with this friend.)

Again, I love sharing friends with Lauren. 

I love that we beat each other up.

I almost cry every time I go to Lauren's house because I love her, her parents, her dog, her couch, her guest bed, her food, and her company so much.  

 I love that Lauren and Carly and I still play in parks together.  I love that Lauren is patient with me, even when trying to teach me soft ball.

Lauren,  I love all the dumb pictures you've taken with me.  I love every time we stayed up way later than we should have because neither of us was willing to give up on our game of "touched-you-last".  I love/hate all the times we have been reminded that it is after quiet hours and we need to stop yelling.  I love every delicious thing we have baked-even though the brothers get most of it.  I've loved every Target run, every Chipotle date, and every Starbucks study session.  I love every stupid conversation and every meaningful conversation.  I love our random dance parties and all the bumpin' jams that you play for us in our room.  I love every Monday chapel hour Joe's date and every "pre-New-Testament-class" Joe's date.  

I love your diligence.  I love your reliability and your promptness.  I love your dependability.  I love your generosity and your kindness.  I love your hilarity as well as your rationality.  

I see Jesus in your character.  I see your love for Him and for His people.  I see your heart for the world to know who He is.  And as I see Him in you and your love for Him, He is glorified in my heart and mind. 

Lauren, I love Jesus grace in letting me be your roommate;  but even more than that, I love His grace in letting me have you as a friend.   

 I love you to the bathroom and back!


  1. You guys are so cute! It looks like you are having so much fun :)


    1. We are! Thanks for reading, Ashley! I love your blog so much that I feel like someone famous is reading mine :)

  2. P.s. I dancing picture at the top. Pretty much amazing. : )