Saturday, April 16, 2011

He Knows

When I taped my trapezoidal prism to the dash board of my car, I knew there would come a time that I would be required to explain myself.  Well, tonight was that night.  Two girlfriends and I headed to Chipotle to grab some deliciousness together.  (I'm thinking now would be the perfect time to interject that I was SO delighted when the cashier said to me, "yeah, you come here a lot, don't you?" "Yes, sir, almost every weekend, and sometimes during the week with my sister, if I'm lucky.") Ok, back to the geometric solid.  Before my friends even had the chance to ask me if I was loosing it, I told them why I loved that six sided shape so much.  

It all started in math class.  My teacher gave us each a different net.  In case you are confused like my sweet mother was, I'm talking about a math-ish net, not like a fishing net.  You know, the kind you cut out, fold up, and glue together to get your shape? Yes, that kind of net.   

Anyways,  I hated my net.  When I got it, I told the ladies at my table that there was no way that the two trapezoids and four different sized rectangles that constituted my net could possibly make a shape.  Doubtfully I cut out my little paper, annoyed that I could not understand how the finished product was going to fit together.  

With my net cut out and carefully folded I saw that, lo and behold, it DID made a shape!  And a pretty dang cool one at that.  Showing my math friends I told them, "I did not like that because I couldn't see how it was going to turn out."

I know I am not the only one with different aspects of my life that could seemingly never fit together.  Surely there are others who, like me, do not like what is going on because there is no way to determine what things are going to end up looking like. But Jesus has turned my heart toward hope with the truth that He knows.  He knows what the finished product looks like.  He is not worried by the "trapezoids" and "rectangles" that I cannot understand.  

Psalm 73:16 (HCSB)
"When I tried to understand all this, it seemed hopeless until I entered God's sanctuary."

Instead of trying to understand "all this" which results in hopelessness, let's enter His sanctuary.  Let's run to the One who already has it all figured out.  He knows that these pieces will fit together beautifully, and He just wants us to trust Him as He works.  

I love that He can already see the finished product.  And I have a feeling its even cooler than my trapezoidal prism.


  1. Sweet Chesney! God has blessed you beyond your years with godly wisdom! Wow! I love your heart for God's word and for Him!! :)

  2. They make it really hard to leave comments on here :p